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Ecological Clerk of Works: Watching Briefs & Toolbox Talks

Aether Ecology provide experienced ecologists to inspect any required work at sensitive or high risk areas that could be detrimental to the site ecology. An Ecological Clerk or Works (ECoW) provides piece of mind when such activities are undertaken to help ensure that any work is carried out safely and within the acceptable guidelines to reduce the risk of committing an offence under UK and European wildlife laws. Some of the activities we undertake as an ECoW include:


  • Pre-demolition building inspection (e.g. bats or barn owls)

  • Mitigation Installation (e.g. bat or bird boxes)

  • Pond Work (e.g. great crested newts)

  • Soft stripping / Tile removal etc (e.g. for presence of bats)

  • Arboricultural Work (e.g. for bats, nesting birds, barn owls, dormice etc.)

  • Protected species translocation (e.g. reptiles and amphibians)

  • Site inspection (e.g. ecologist site visits usually as agreed in management plans)

  • Toolbox Talks and site briefings. We provide extensive examples to show your workers.


If you require further information or require an ECoW for a service not listed here, contact us and we'll be happy to accommodate. 

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